Recovery Mentor Training Process

Peer Recovery Solutions provides Oregon State Adult Addictions Peer Support Specialist (Certified Recovery Mentor) Certification Trainings and Continuing Education opportunities.

40 Hour Core Class
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8am-5pm Daily June 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th

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Peer Recovery Solutions 40 Hour Training
The training is a total of 40 hours with 32 of the hours being virtual instruction and the remaining being online training modules.

To register for the training please click and complete the training form located to the left and we will contact you via email.

The cost of the training is $350, but at times there are grants or vouchers to help pay the cost. We will inform you if and when these opportunities arise.
Continuing Education
Training Dates Site
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Peer Recovery Solutions Continuing Education Opportunities
We are currently providing a series of FREE peer-support continuing education opportunities for peers located in Oregon.

To qualify, you must: 1. be a current peer support (recovery mentor) in Oregon 2. attend the entire training and 3. participate in the training.

All trainings are FREE and ONLINE with no registration.

To attend a training, just click the link the day of the training.

All trainings are located at the Training Site…see link to the left for the full list of trainings.